Mark Severn
April 23, 1956 - July 2, 2006

It has been six years since Mark Severn left us.
I have uploaded videos of Mark to Youtube.  You can see them here:

One thing Mark loved to do was make pickups.
He especially enjoyed making pickups for Dan Armstrong guitars,
and was well respected across the globe for his replacement pickups.
Read more here:
Dan Armstrong

On November 19, 2006, the Hamilton Music Awards were held at the Dofasco Centre For The Arts. The evening was dedicated to Mark Severn. A video was played with live footage of Mark, as well as interviews with Sonny Del Rio, Jack Pedler and myself.
The people who worked on this video did a beautiful job.
Later on in the evening, Mark was chosen "Guitarist of the Year".
Mark's sister Carla and I accepted the award for him.

The Hamilton Music Awards aired on Saturday, November 25 from 7pm til 9pm on CHTV in the Toronto area.
For more information, go to 

Mark's brother Paul has edited the Hamilton Music Awards
and uploaded it to YouTube.
Mark Severn - Hamilton Music Awards

This page is a tribute to my good friend, Mark Severn.
If you have any stories, pictures or music you would like to contribute,
please email them to me at:

Mike Dimoulas made a video of pictures of Mark put to Mark's music.
Mark's brother Paul has made it available here as a flash file:

Mark's cousin Eric shares his thoughts of Mark here:

Stoney Creek News did a story on Mark.
You can read it here:
(dead link)

Mark's music

Mark sold a CD offstage called "I Wrote These".
It featured his three radio hits (you can listen to them here), plus other tracks. 
Mark's brother Paul is going to try to make copies available.

Georgie Fab at Race Records produced "The Terra Nye Experiment",
a concept album featuring Mark's guitar and synth-guitar playing.
He uses the pseudonym "Byng Bell" here!
The CD will be available soon at
Many of the CDs currently available at Race Records
have Mark playing guitar and singing backup vocals on them.

Steve Negus (drummer for Saga) is finishing up his own CD that Mark is on.
Keep an eye on

If you live in the Hamilton area and have a locally produced CD
in your posession, check the credits.
You might have a Mark Severn recording!
Mark used many aliases when he worked as a studio musician.
Two of his favourites were "Byng Bell" and "Dixon Yarmouth".